The Latest From Hewitt's Cocoon

He's decided to stick with his original plan of describing Obama as a commie alien. To buttress this idea, he writes:

Obama strongly supports same-sex marriage, and opposes the California amendment to restore the definition of marriage and rebuke the California Supreme Court's usurpation of the people's authority to define such a basic right, in a stroke putting himself on the far left edge of the crucial debates on marriage and the role of the judiciary.

Actually, of course, Obama has consistently (alas) opposed marriage equality. Obama supports civil unions that provide the same benefits as civil marriage, but not full equality within the same civil institution. More to the point, if you look at the most recent national Gallup poll on the subject, fully 30 percent support marriage equality and a further 27 percent favor civil unions. So, according to Hewitt, some 57 percent of Americans are on the "far left edge" of the debate. It's only the "far left edge" if you want to deny gay couples all legal rights and stigmatize them permanently in the constitution of their own country.