The Hubris Of Obama? Ctd

Yes, I know that interview with the girls was an oversight:

A reader writes:

I think Obama immediately recognized several of the missteps that you mention: the seal (taken down right away), the interview including his kids (he decided and announced immediately after it that it would not be repeated).  But I disagree with you about the use of Invesco stadium for the acceptance speech.

This decision, along with the decision to be active in seeking the thoughts of many who are not party activists about the platform, is entirely in keeping with his desire to open up the process.  I, a 67-year-old woman, not politically active in decades (except locally, or for modest contributions to presidential and senate candidates) immediately sent a contribution, not only to enter the lottery for a trip that weekend, but to show continuing support as I see the comments about FISA, etc.  Then I learned that my two closest friends, both Obama contributors, both 60+-year-old women, also really want to be there that night.  This is unusual, since we all have little interest in the usual every-four-years Party party.  It is inclusive in a way that attracts many who are active for the first time, or the first time in a long time.