The Christianists And The Islamists

I've been lambasted for comparing the edicts of religious fundamentalism across faiths. And I've always been extremely clear that the one key difference is the recourse to violence and terror. But the similarities exist, as they always will with totalist ideologies. I posted about the Islamist ad touting the veil earlier today. It has a direct American parallel four years ago:

Your body is a wrapped lollipop.    

When you have sex with a man, he unwraps your lollipop and sucks on it. It may feel great at the time, but, unfortunately, when he’s done with you, all you have left for your next partner is a poorly wrapped, saliva-fouled sucker.              

These words were actually uttered by Darren Washington, an abstinence educator, at the Eighth Annual Abstinence Clearinghouse Conference, an informational three-day trade show for abstinence educators, anti-abortion pregnancy care centers and medical professionals.