The Children of Presidents, Ctd.

A reader writes:

I wanted to write in to remark on this recent reader comment about Obama and McCain and their families.

1) While McCain is not pushing that he has a son in the service, he certainly hasn't been putting the muzzle on his daughter, Meghan. She was in GQ, pictured sitting on a bed, beer in hand talking about the kind of men she likes to date, among other things.

2) Obama has small children.

Wouldn't you wonder where the hell they were if you never saw them, especially considering that he speaks about them often? We'd be getting all kinds of hysterics about Obama being an absentee father (an especially nasty line of attack to use against a African-American candidate). Obama speaks about family often and it's clear that being there for his daughters is something central to his life. Perhaps he made a mistake with the interview, but this is not some scandal that deserves to be debated ad nauseam.

I mentioned it once.