Straight Talker

by Chris Bodenner
Asked on "Hannity & Colmes" how the McCain campaign dealt with Obama's trip overseas, Huckabee:

Well, I think he missed an opportunity. Instead of having some fun with it and showing sort of a buoyant 'hey, do what you've got to do, let Obama go play basketball, I'm solving problems.' Do it with tongue and cheek. Frankly, I thought he looked more like Bob Dole in the last days of the 1996 campaign saying 'look at the record, look at the record,' and there was some anger and sense of frustration there. He shouldn't show that. He needs to show that nothing is getting to him, it's rolling off his back, and I think he missed an opportunity to do that last week.

(You know Huckabee's no longer on the veep list when he uses "Dole" and "anger" in the same sentence referring to McCain.)