Sport Utility Bicycle

By Patrick Appel
Mark Benjamin, a father of two, beefs up his bike so that he can buy groceries, ride around his kids, move a grill, and even blend margaritas:

It just so happens that Xtracycle also manufactures the perfect mental liberation: the pedal blender ($300). You heard me: a blender to make smoothies. You attach the pedal blender to the bike in place of the SnapDeck. As the rear wheel spins, so does your smoothie. You can either pedal around town and be a Jamba Juice on wheels or attach two small medal stands that elevate the back wheel for blending in place. I called two friends with Xtracycles for a triple date with our wives. We got together in my friend Jeff's backyard, pulled the SnapDeck off his bike, put it up on the stands and popped in the blender. In went the ice, tequila, triple sec and lime juice. I climbed aboard and pedaled our way to Margaritaville.