Obama At The Gate

A reader in Berlin writes:

Everyone just assumes that thousands will come out for such a speech. And they’d be right. Berliners has already hosted dozens of Obama events, dating back to February. The Democrats Abroad were almost co-opted by groups organizing here before the Dems as a party could coalesce around a candidate. On Monday night there is another one – held perhaps ironically at the bar and club "White Trash Fast Food“.

It’s worth noting – in all of the dispute – that Kennedy’s most famous Berlin speech – the "ich bin kein Berliner" speech – was not held in front of the Brandenburg Gate, or the Berlin Wall, but instead in a (today relatively inconspicuous) market square at the Schöneberg city hall.

With the opening of the embassy last week here right next to the Brandenburg Gate, the Pariser Platz square has suddenly become the focal point for US-German relations. There is no better place for a speech by a person whose candidacy holds so much promise for the restoration of cooperation, mutual trust and amity between Europe and the US.

Larison sees the Brandenburg option as more hubris. I have a feeling it won't happen. Why not Schoneberg? And take Caroline.