Like JFK And Men's Hats

By Patrick Appel
Poulos shudders at the fist bump going viral:

We are killing the handshake, one of the immortal outward expressions of American genius of all times, for no better reason than boredom. The fist bump is a farcical and inappropriate way of sealing deals and a borderline insult as a personal greeting. There is no way to judge a man's character by his fist bump. Phonies and fakers receive even greater a pass than the used car salesmen of yesteryear, who at least had to develop strong wrist muscles and suppress the DTs. Amid the madness of an Obama presidency, the worst thing to come would be the nationalization of fist-bumping under a giddy, mandatory rubric -- not of Hope and Healing but of a white-bread 'sense of entitlement' to some fifth-rate parody of being Down.