Hewitt Award Nominee

"The Holy Bible describes certain attributes of The Antichrist. He will be a man that ultimately "sets himself above all that is called god." (If one claims to adhere to several different gods, even though each one claims exclusive dominion, then what does that say about the man?) The Antichrist will be a persecutor of Christians. He will be a consummately skilled liar. And, his identity will be revealed only after The Tribulation has already begun.

Now, before readers make too many assumptions, consider that The Antichrist will be preceded by a False Prophet, who will give The Antichrist his political power. Recently, former president Bill Clinton endorsed candidate Barack Obama, even though Hillary Clinton has only suspended (not withdrawn) her candidacy for president. Bill Clinton cannot become president again.

But, he could be appointed by a President Barack Obama, or even by a President Hillary Clinton to become US Ambassador to the United Nations. And, in that position, he would be eligible to become UN Secretary General. That, in effect, would make Bill Clinton "king of the world," if the UN seizes power. All of that handed to him by a man that rises up, "speaking boastfully" to the world about "change we can believe in." Hmmmmm," - Tom Kovach, Renew America.