Hewitt Award Nominee

by Chris Bodenner
"Obama is rightly getting hammered for skipping a meeting with wounded American warriors in German [sic] ... but the real story of the past ten days is his full unveiling as Europe's candidate for the presidency, with an attitude and a platform indistinguishable from the standard critique America has been receiving for fifty years from the people it rescued sixty years ago. The rapidly spreading understanding of Obama as an arrogant elitist with an enormous sense of entitlement combined with an awesome contempt for America as it has been in the post World War II era accounts for the air escaping from the Obama boomlet.  Tromping through Europe to the wild applause of the anti-America left is a big flare for most voters.  "Who is this guy, and why isn't he lecturing Europe on its gratitude gap?" - Hugh Hewitt, apparently unaware of the cognitive dissonance between 1) "the people [we] rescued sixty years ago" and should be "lecturing" on "its gratitude gap" and 2) "an arrogant elitist with an enormous sense of entitlement."