Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

I was backpacking about twenty five years ago through Portland, Oregon and stopped to ask directions from a woman putting up marquee letters on a Baptist church sign (some message about Jesus but it was just started so I don't know what she intended to write). 

I was looking for directions to a hostel.  She was there with her son (I think he was about seven) and said perhaps she could give me a ride, but she had to pray on it.  She paused and quietly prayed and then said, no, she could not give me a ride.  She did not know where the hostel was.  Still, she was pleasant enough, if a bit weird. I thanked her for considering it. 

I enjoyed the encounter for its unique strangeness, but I really did not want a ride, so I was secretly relieved.  Did God answer my prayer or hers?