Calling Sessions

A reader writes:

I live in Montgomery, and I just called Jeff Sessions' DC office to register my frustration at Sessions' efforts to keep the HIV travel ban.  I explained why I was calling to the woman who answered the phone, who responded, "it's not that he's against it, he supports it, but it's just that he wants to find another way to get the money, because it costs $50 billion dollars."  Confused, I asked, "it costs 50 billion dollars to let people with HIV into the country?" She said yes and went on to say something incoherent about where President Bush was planning to get the money from and what Senator Sessions thought about that, blah blah.  I explained that I wasn't talking about the money to fund efforts to fight AIDS, I was just talking about the discriminatory HIV travel ban.  She thanked me and said she'd pass my message along.

Anyway, it made me think that I might be the first constituent to call Sessions about this.  I get why you asked your readers to call Specter, but it might be worth asking Alabama readers to call Sessions office, if only so that his staffers be forced to learn something about the discriminatory agenda of the guy they're working for.  The DC office is (202) 224-4124.

The possible expenses - if you think after ten years some immigrants with HIV might need public services - have already been paid for by a tiny increase in the visa application fee. There is no fiscal cost to repealing the HIV travel ban - in fact, with the new visa fee and the taxes immigrants will pay, it will almost certainly add to the Treasury.