Calling Sessions, Ctd

A reader writes:

I also live in Montgomery and saw that another reader called Sen. Sessions.  When I called the DC office I asked why he was in favor of keeping the travel ban on people living with HIV.  I was promptly put on hold for four minutes (during which a military band played Anchors Aweigh and other favorites).  When the person got back on the line, she said she was not an expert and she could not tell me why he opposed lifting the ban but would be happy to send me a position letter in the mail.  I told her that was fine and gave her my information, but then said especially in light of her inability to give me an answer, that I didn't think there was any good reason to oppose lifting the ban in light of the fact that it is an outdated, discriminatory law.  I also said I thought it was shameful that my senator was one of only three senators to vote against the cloture motion on Friday.  She feebly responded, "Just knowing him, I know he wouldn't do something discriminatory.  There must be a legislative reason."  There's a money quote for you!

If this comes through, and the bill passes, I really will owe you, Dish readers, big time. So will many others, less well known and much less privileged than I am. It's hard for me to express how grateful and moved I am by your support.