Bush Targets Obama

More details are emerging about Obama's Germany trip and the president's determination to meddle with it.:

Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert Kimmitt told the mass circulation tabloid Bild that "it would be nice if the German government would focus on strengthening its contacts to us rather than already beginning to look for our successors."

And this:

"It's said that the Chancellor's foreign policy advisor, Christoph Heusgen, was berated by a member of the Bush team over Obama's plans at the G-8 summit in Japan."

And it turns out that speeches at the Brandenburg Gate are pretty much a dime a dozen. It looks to me as if the Bushies are desperate to prevent Obama getting an ovation in Europe. Given the disdain and contempt of much of the European public for Bush, and the powerful advantage the Europe trip will give Obama, it's understandable. But no less tacky.