By Patrick Appel
Chris Hayes talks to his "super secret source inside a major air carrier" about why flying "sucks so hard." One of the source's comments:

So what’s going to happen? Fewer flights, higher fares, emptier planes (yeah, fares are going to drive down demand, not consolidate fullish flights onto each other), fewer air traffic delays. In short, the fuel price will accomplish just about everything that re-regulation could hope to do. It’s exactly the same reasoning as why anyone concerned about climate change needs to see $5/gallon gas in the US and cheer, because it’s the only way to change consumer behavior. (Yes, it sucks that the working poor and working class folks who are car-dependent for employment are disproportionately hit by this. My dad is one of themand now for the first time he’s cursing his big stupid 1997 Jeep Cherokee, which he does not need to negotiate the wilds of Nassau County. I digress.)