A Place For Dubya?

By Patrick Appel
Dickerson tries to figure out what McCain should do with Bush at the convention. This idea would raise eyebrows:

Each night of a convention has a theme. Monday is traditionally former president's night. McCain could change things and make it "gadfly night," in which his GOP opponents testify to his irritating oppositional streak. The night's kickoff speakers could be members of the GOP with whom McCain has clashed over the years: Tom Tancredo on immigration, Dick Cheney on torture, James Inhofe on climate change, Mitch McConnell on campaign finance. Bush would then take over for the keynote, pointing out the various areas in which he and McCain have disagreed. This would highlight McCain's independence. Then they could kiss and make up over their big area of agreementthe latest military strategy in Iraq, which is increasingly viewed as successful. This will never happen.