"Nothing Must Be Held Sacred," Ctd

A reader writes:

I think it should be pointed out that Myers is absolutely correct when he says that the eucharist he has is nothing but a "cracker" -- and the pope himself would agree.  As a former altar boy and parochial school inmate, I can say with confidence that no one in the Catholic Church treats the wafers themselves reverently until AFTER the transubstantiation that takes place during the mass.  Before each round of 2nd-graders received their first communion, they would get a "practice run" with an un-sanctified wafer (presumably so no child would spit it out in disgust during the actual ceremony); occasionally one of the altar boys would goad another into snagging some of the eucharists as a pre-mass snack.  I mean, Myers might as well have snagged a bottle of red wine from a liquor store and "desecrated" the blood of God.