Reihan doesn't think Obama not taking public funds is a big deal but wants a bigger reform:

...why should the Stewart Motts of the world be denied the opportunity to make their own vast contributions alongside small dollar donors? If George Soros or Michael Bloomberg wrote Obama a check for $500 million, he'd surely continue to build his more sustainable network of small donors. He'd also be able to buy hours of time on primetime network television to share his vision of America's future. Or he could literally put a chicken in every pot, or create a series of Obama-themed daycare centers across the country, winning the support of stressed-out parents everywhere. He could create a parallel to the YMCA - the Young People's Obama Association (YPOA) - that would provide urban youth with an outlet for the athletic and creative energies. Instead of just walking away from the public financing system in this year's election, Obama should seriously consider leaving the whole tangled mess behind and using his brand to build a powerful charitable network that rivals those of the Catholic and Mormon churches. That is the kind of bold, hopeful change we need.


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