"I used to be dead set against any kind of same sex marriage and behaviour for the matter, but over the past few years I've come around to the position of allowing these unions with the same ceremony and legality that men and women unions have enjoyed since the beginning of time. I know a number of conservatives who happen to be inclined to this life choice. If they want to get married so be it. It's now a non-issue for me."

"not sure where i am on this at the moment"

"I used to really be against gay marriage as well, but I've changed my views."

"If allowing gay marriage increases the happiness of some percentage of Americans without victimizing anyone, I'm all for it. If a civil union title will satisfy those seeking same sex unions, that's fine with me too. Whatever makes people the happiest without being at the expense of others," - commenters on Malkin's website, in a post designed to mock the right of gay couples to marry.

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