Why She Writes

"Please don't be mad at me. I don't mean to show disrespect for your time, or for you. You are a doll. I have to admit to second thoughts, none of which are connected to you. What I have been thinking each day is this: I really want the column to speak for me. Because it's better at speaking for me than I am. The thing about writing is that, as you of course know, it requires and allows reflection and consideration and figuring out what you really think, what you really want to say. And each week I try to get to that, sometimes getting there and sometimes not. But when I talk I find myself more inclined to pop off, or go for a joke, or attempt to entertain, or fill silence lest silence be misunderstood...

In the weeks after we spoke I sort of winced at things I'd said. (That would be just about everything.) I feel I was babbly, nervous, and in general...wanting. And I felt, Oh, don't be a noisy person, be quiet and write. (I was hoping you found me sufficiently boring not to go forward.) This is not in any way your fault as I'm sure you know or have a sense of, but mine. Could you allow this to just pass, and not do the piece? I would be so grateful," - Peggy Noonan.

Now I know why Peggy doesn't blog. It's a fusion of writing and speaking.