Not much, according to this reader:

I'm a Puerto Rican reader and I currently live in PR after living a good chunk of my adult life in the US.  I've been following the primaries in the US closely.  I studied in the States, have a masters degree.  Out of my very highly educated friends, I'm the only one who's paying attention to what's going on in this election year in the US.

You cannot use Puerto Rico as a basis for explaining any phenomenon in the US.

We are a colony.  We do not participate in any of the US political processes, really.  There isn't a general understanding of US national politics, nor of the "Republican" v. "Democrat" mentality.  We are consumed by our local politics and whether we should become a state, an independent country or remain as we are.

Clinton's victory here means nothing.  There's a lot of name recognition and her husband is a rock star here.  That's it.  Don't extrapolate the results into anything.  We are not Latinos in the same way that Mexican Americans are Latinos.  Our vote has nothing to do with Obama's "problem" with Latinos.  Anyone trying to frame the PR vote into anything other than name recognition, has no knowledge of PR at all and is, in short, full of it.

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