I've been feeling adrift myself these past few days. Drained, flat, a little cranky. A reader writes:

After some informal polling, my friends and I (Democratic, Republican and Independent) are taking a political time out now that the Democratic primary is over.   We were absolutely obsessed with the primary, and we desperately need a break.  The daily (hourly?) back and forths between McCain and Obama are of no interest to us right now (and also are very silly).

We will check in periodically, but until August (or the vps are selected), we’re all getting back to our normal lives, such as they are.  It's not personal.  We just need a little space for ourselves. So Andrew, Josh, Arianna, Keith, my friends at the New Republic and on the Trail,  we’ll talk in two months.

I understand the feeling. In retrospect, this primary campaign became a total mini-series of adrenaline and drama rushes. We're in the depressive detox recovery stage now. And the Obama-McCain contest seems oddly dull and currently trivial - at least to me, it does. How does one get it up for the Jim Johnson story?

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