The Obama Effect

A blogger notices that the Big O is beginning to have an impact on African-American culture:

With a black president, we've got to do better y'all.

When I first encountered the Obama Effect it gave me a bit of a shock. While I've been an Obama supporter since the brother declared just because of general black solidarity, I don't Obamatimsloanafpgetty see big homie as my moral North Star. He seems like a cool cat, and I like how he handles himself, but homeboy is quite clearly not The Chosen One. He's a politician in a suit who I think would do a good job. Period.

But, somewhere along the line, maybe when he vanquished Hillary Clinton or raised $300 million, Obama became much more than just another politician for a lot of black folks. This is particularly true for older black people who I believe really cannot fully comprehend a reality where a black person has a decent shot to be president. His transfiguration grants him a ludicrous amount a leeway, a fervent following and, most importantly, WWOD status.

What Would Obama Do? ...

Got an urge to curse out your ignorant boss and steal some supplies? WWOD would help you control that urge and keep the job that pays your bills. Seriously, there is no ceiling for how often you could use WWOD and get yourself and others to shape up. In fact, you might even be able to use WWAWOD on your white friends to get them to act right. (That's "What Would a White Obama Do?" for all of y'all who missed it.)

(Photo: Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty.)