Very encouraging news. From Harry Reid's office:

Given the importance of this legislation, I set a deadline of yesterday for the negotiations to be completed.  I am pleased to announce that we have mainly completed those negotiations and reached a deal in principle.
I want to thank Senators Biden and Lugar for their leadership during these negotiations and for their hard work over the past few days to close the deal on the final issues.  Senators Coburn, Enzi, Burr, Kennedy, and the White House have all taken part as well.  I appreciate the compromises that all of have made so that we can move this critical legislation forward.
We still need to get a complete final text from legislative counsel, which we are working hard to do right now.  Now that we have an agreement in principle, my strong preference would be to get this bill done this week. We should be able to do this quickly and easily – and it should be done before President Bush goes to the G-8 Summit next week.  That would send an important message to the world that our country’s commitment to fight HIV/AIDS has not wavered.

Yes it would.

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