A reader writes:

I feel Obama's pain: my former husband's first ex-wife was made in the same mold as HRC. It destroyed our marriage ... Time for Obama to put his foot down.

Another laments:

I have voted, donated, caucused (I live in TX) and agonized for Obama. All the while I would take a moment to think about the joy I would feel if in fact he were to pull it off. Well, here we are, and I feel nothing. I still feel apprehension and angst. The future is still in question. All because Hillary wants it that way. She holds more power now than she has at any time during the primary. Of all the scenarios I envisioned this is not one of them. I imagined her followers drifting away, not hardening. She has done her best to ensure that, I suppose.

I'm sorry to say that I foresaw this in New Hampshire. The Clintons have no life but the pursuit of power; and you cannot afford to wound them politically. They will haunt Obama for ever; and long for his failure. But to move forward, we have to move past them.

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