Text here. Youtube - somewhat different - below. His anger at the beginning only comes across when you watch it:

A reader writes:

The first time I saw Barack Obama speak was at the Apostolic Church of God on 63rd and Dorchester in the spring of 2004, and it was virtually the same speech that the senator gave today (might have been Father's Day then as well; don't recall).

It was the best speech I'd ever heard, and it was no less impressive because he gave it from perhaps two or three 3x5 note cards tucked in his breast pocket. Anyway, shortly after that (as my apocryphal tale would have it) I told my parents that Mr. Obama would certainly be president one day. I didn't believe it would be so soon, of course. It was the directive to action, the appeal to personal responsibility, and the eminently conservative call to lift up one's own children. Great leaders ask for sacrifice.

I love that speech.

We're lucky to have this guy at this point in history - black and white. Really lucky.

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