Not Just Any Geezers

A reader notes:

Don’t know if you know this or not, but those aren’t just any two geezers.  Marcia Nasatir is something of a legend in the film biz, the first woman to become a studio executive back in the 1970s, and as a producer, the driving force behind such movies as The Big Chill.  (I used to work for her many years ago and she’s just a great person and, as you can tell from the Geezers video, highly intelligent AND down to earth.)  Lorenzo Semple is a well-known screenwriter, the man who adapted Three Days of the Condor for the big screen and also wrote the live action Batman movie in the 1960s, among many other credits.

Nice of you to give them some love on your blog.  I think they’re awesome, too.

Another adds:

There's already a political talk show featuring a bunch of opinionated old codgers.  It's called "The McLaughlin Group".