Instead of generating power from remote and huge wind turbines, why not manufacture some that can generate power for individual buildings? That's the concept behind Aerovironment's microturbines:

Aerovironment is designing these wind microturbines specifically for the urban environment: No need for a tower, the blades rotate more slowly and silently, and they are set at an angle that allows them to benefit from the wind that is bouncing up the walls and escalating them vertically.

Aerovironment claims that these design features make their turbines produce 30% more power compared to similar units, and their modular assembly makes installation easy. "Installations have little or no structural impact upon existing buildings and are easily scalable starting at 6KW. Each module weighs approximately 200 pounds, measures 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide, and features a bird screen."

Maybe one day, they'll be as common as telephone wires.

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