I've gone to the Human Rights Campaign's website looking for what they're doing, how they're helping lobby for what could be the most important policy change in this Congress, how well they are informing their membership. Alas, the last reference I can find is from March. The issue goes unmentioned in the week's news. It is absent from their "Press Room." On the page that deals with immigration, there is no mention of the HIV ban. They did not include the issue on their candidates' questionnaire this year. It's enough to make you scream.

Nonetheless, they have been helpful in lobbying for the repeal of the HIV travel and immigration ban, working closely with Smith's and Kerry's office, and all of us dedicated to removing this anachronism are grateful. Where HRC has failed is in not bringing this issue to the fore sooner, not informing their members better, not making the public case, something that could and should have been done years ago. They can and must do better - but on the lobbying front, they've helped move this along once the momentum was there. Credit where it's due.

As for the latest, the Republican rump blocked a unanimous consent option this morning, and so the vote won't happen till after the July 4 recess. The odds are looking a lot brighter - thanks in part to your help. But this is the Hill and anything can happen, so emailing your Senator on the HIV ban, if you haven't, could still help. Here's the contact list. A quick message asking them to end the HIV travel and immigration ban is all that's needed.

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