Some reaction from around the web on Jim Johnson, one of Obama's veep vetters, stepping down. Ambers:

If Obama's choice of Johnson was a mistake in the first place, then that's one thing. But if the campaign doesn't believe they made an error -- and they don't -- why give the Republicans a trophy head?

Dean Barnett:

So what have we learned here? Once again, Obama continues to make unforced errors. The fact that tabbing Johnson as an eminence grise would trigger catcalls and raise eyebrows was far from unforeseeable. Indeed, it seems like everyone recognized the danger instantly except for Obama himself.

John Cole:

If prior to reading this post, you had no clue who Jim Johnson was, don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, if you polled the country, about half of them would ask if you were talking about the former Cowboys coach, the other half would have no clue. Which is to say this is a story about nothing.

Mary Kane:

...welcome, Jim Johnson, to the Subprime Hall of Shame. Join former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, who was advising Republican presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain on the mortgage bailout while lobbying for the investment bank UBS. Add U.S. Rep. Laura Richardson, a Democrat from California, who faces foreclosure on three homes and whose workout terms with a lender appear to be unusually favorable. It may not be exactly fair that Johnson or some others who get entangled in the subprime crisis at different levels all end up in this group. But as Jim Rokakis, the treasurer of Cleveland's Cuyahoga County points out, nothing's been fair about this crisis. Now it's Johnson's turn to learn that lesson.

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