Ambers on the Democratic reaction to McCain's comments:

Obama believes that the presence of U.S. troops exacerbates the tension and gives Iraqis a crutch to delay political reconcilliation. McCain does not. One would think that those differences are a sufficient basis upon which to launch a political attack. Instead, though, in a conference call with reporters, in remarks by Democrats like Joe Biden, in a blistering statement by Rep. Rahm Emanuel, McCain is being portrayed as, inter alia, not caring one whit about casualties and deaths and chaos and certainly not about the families of troops who dealt with deployment after deployment.

Goldfarb's, er, The McCain Report's reaction:

If the Obama campaign was really committed to debating substantive issues of war and peace in good faith and in a civil tone, they'd repudiate the comments being pushed by their surrogates. And if Obama thinks that McCain is indifferent to the sacrifices being made by U.S. soldiers in Iraq, let him say it himself.

Obama has a real problem with knee-jerk partisan Democrats stealing the message limelight. The crude Emanuel attack is classic Rahm and awful politics.

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