Ralph Peters takes his green conservative stand:

That's one more reason why I back McCain for president: He opposes the Republican establishment's eagerness to sign off on the wanton destruction of ANWR. He has the guts to take on Big Energy.

He wants to reward innovators, not price-gougers. He has the honesty to state that non-polluting nuclear power will be part of the answer. He believes in sensible, sturdy conservation policies that balance our needs and our legacy. An outdoorsman from Arizona, McCain has long stood apart from his party in his defense of conservation measures, while Obama, from Southside Chicago, discovered environmentalism only when a national campaign made it convenient to be green.

What else do I want in the next administration? A foreign policy that recognizes we really do have mortal enemies who must be resisted. A domestic policy that doesn't kneel to extremists on either end of the political spectrum. The reduction of pork-barrel spending, government waste and the deficit. And the recognition that capitalism is by far the best system but that capitalism needs adult supervision.

I don't trust either party to deliver. But I trust John McCain.

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