Some will begin to feel a twinge of sympathy for Hillary Clinton. This is a mistake. You cannot show weakness, even in moments of victory over the Clintons. They will immediately use it against you and in defense of their own interests. The gratitude so many will feel as she departs is, in many ways, a contrived product of the sociopath's own unhinged reality. We shouldn't mistake it for anything the Clintons ever actually deserved. A reader nails the psycho-dynamic:

I met a guy who produced "Candid Camera"-like reality shows.  I asked him "How do you get people to sign a waiver after you have made a fool of them?"  Without getting some poor schmuck who has just been made a fool of to sign a waiver, you can't include him in the show.

"It's strange but after being in a stressful situation, which is what we put them in, one is so relieved that it is over that they strangely THANK us when we reveal that it is just a joke for a TV show and it is over.  Even though we put them through the situation they are so grateful and genuinely happy that it is over that they will sign anything in the first five minutes." That was the catch, if you waited longer then five minutes they would think about it a bit more and then not sign shit.

I think that is what Hillary is trying to do on a national basis.

When she gets out she will have relieved us all of a stressful situation.  Even people who have been hard on her will be kind and even thank her for ending this national nightmare for us.  Even though SHE created the fucking thing.

Another analogy, ever seen one of those nature shows about chimpanzees where the baby chimp dies?  Super sad but even sadder is watching the mother carry around the corpse and try to nurse it and care for it for days and days hoping it will spring back to life.  All the other chimps and the cameras watch with respectful distance.  Hillary has been carrying around her dead campaign for a few months and she is finally realizing that the little chimp is dead.

(Photo: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty.)

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