Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

You wrote:

We're discovering for the umpteenth time that the Democrats obviously can't govern themselves. This absurd circus in DC today really does remind me of their inability to understand rules, and congenital refusal to apply them.

This is so off-base I cannot believe you posted it. The DNC’s RBC just stood up to Clinton and adopted fair compromises in MI and FL in line with the solutions worked out by the party organizations in both states. At the same time, they insisted on continuing a punishment against both states for violating the rules. They did NOT accede to Hillary’s demand that both states be held completely harmless, and they did not accede to Ickes’ demand that Hillary be treated like the incumbent in a North Korean election, where she gets everything and he gets nothing.

The Democrats are FAR better off at the end of this day than at its beginning. And Obama just proved that the party is now his and not the Clintons’. The boorishness of many Clinton fanatics in the audience (several were near me), who began chanting “Denver! Denver! Denver!” after votes didn’t go their way, reflects badly on Clinton and will hurt her in ways that she couldn’t have anticipated since she bused them there. It is easy to make sweeping dismissals of an organization that conducts such painful business in public with TV cameras covering every grim detail, butas with the American space programthis openness is really a sign of strength. Obama, who is going to be the nominee, has come out of this stronger.

Well, I wrote my frustrated post at 6.21 pm. A lot changed by 8 pm.