Bouncy Bouncy?

Now you know why the Clintons hung on for so long. They knew the fundamentals made this a Democratic year:

Obama is running much stronger at this point in the race than his two most recent Democratic predecessors, Sen. John Kerry and Vice President Al Gore, who both failed in their bids to win the White House. In a July 2004 NEWSWEEK Poll, Kerry led Bush by only 6 points (51 percent to 45 percent). In June 2000, Gore was in a dead heat with Bush (45 percent to 45 percent)which is essentially where he ended up when that razor-thin election was finally decided.

You need to go back to Dukakis to find a similarly big Democratic lead. But George H.W. Bush had Reagan's record to run on; McCain has W's. All of this can change - and Gallup shows no such thing. But anyone who still thinks Obama is unelectable needs to get a reality check.