A reader writes:

I was in Europe the past two weeks and it was absolutely stunning. Everywhere I went, people wanted to speak to me about Obama.  An old woman sweeping the street in Lisbon stopped me when she heard me speaking English and said: "American? Obama?"  I could only shake my head and smile since I don't speak Portuguese.  The doorman in Frankfurt, the waiter in Munich and the hotel receptionist in The Netherlands all bent my ear for about 10-15 minutes about how they are so looking forward to having Obama as President.  Notice that they didn't say "your President" or "the American President" - it was simply "President".  Everyone feels like they have a stake in this election. I hope the American public understands just how important it is that we get this one right.

Finally, at a medical conference a doctor from Angola came up to me with tears in his eyes and implored for me to vote for Obama.  I told him that I was an Obama supporter and he thank me over and over.  As he left, he said to me "Only in America.  Only in America."

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