Tomorrow It Is

The marriage decision in California is imminent. As I've said before, in some ways I'd prefer this to wait. But the process has been going on a long time. We had an initiative in 2000, domestic partnership since, a premature breakthrough in San Francisco, then the state legislature's passing marriage equality twice, with two governor vetoes, and now a court decision. No one knows for sure what the decision will be - but, given the length of time this has taken, it's perfectly possible the court will order civil marriage equality immediately without a stay. That would lead to thousands of irrevocable civil marriages and set up a ballot initiative this fall as a potential watershed for civil rights.

Those in favor of civil equality better get ready. The gay civil rights movement will never have waged a battle this big, this expensive or this important. We can win at the ballot box as well as in the courts and legislatures. And the good news is that the Republican governor has said he will oppose any initiative to take marriage rights away, if they are granted. Hold on tight.