The Meaning Of Obama

A reader writes:

In this ongoing debate between your Boomer and Gen-Y readers, neither side can see the forest for the trees.  The most sensible way of viewing this, appropriately, is through the middle-ground lens of Obamaian politics:

Yes, Obama has moved a generation of people who came of age knowing two political monarchs: the Clintons, and the Bushes.  I'm 20 -- I'm one of those people.  And yes, the reason Obama has so inspired us is that he makes us believe politics can work for us. 

But to call it an intelligent move to opt out should he somehow fail requires a philosophy bordering on nihilism.  Obama is not our savior, and you were right when you wrote that his campaign represents exactly the opposite of messianism.  His greatest accomplishment is that he has reminded my generation of the power we have to hold our leaders accountable.  And sure, it will be a lot easier to believe that if he wins.  But if he doesn't, we cannot abandon that fundamental truth of his candidacy.  To do so would not be intelligent -- it would be stupidly hopeless.

I couldn't agree more.