The Last Days Of The DC Madam

The details are heart-rending:

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, convicted last month of running an elite prostitution ring in Washington, D.C., wrote to her mother that she could not "live the next 6-8 years behind bars for what you and I have come to regard as this 'modern day lynching,' only to come out of prison in my late 50s a broken, penniless and very much alone woman." ...

One of the notes said, "Do not revive. Do not feed under any circumstances."

In the note to her younger sister, Bobbie, Palfrey expressed her love and told her to "be strong for mom."

"Also, you must comprehend that there was no other way out, i.e., 'exit strategy,' other than the one I have chosen here," she wrote. "Know I am at peace, with complete certainty, I believe Dad is standing watch - prepared to guide me into the light."

She came to this because she ran a business allowing some consenting adults to have sex with other consenting adults for a price.