The DNC's Timing

A reader worries:

The timing of the May 31st DNC meeting to consider the status of the Michigan and Florida delegations seems to be particularly bad.  Obama is less than 50 delegates away from crossing the nomination goal line. From the Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana primaries he will likely get 80% of what he needs, and then less than 10 super-delegates are likely to push him over - on June 3rd.

With success for Obama likely on June 3rd, what could the May 31st DNC meeting do?  As far as I can tell, nothing useful.  If they seat the delegations, then the goal line has been moved when Obama is 98% there. If they do not seat the delegations, then this gives Clinton an excuse to "fight to the Convention" in August. I think the only rational thing the DNC should do on May 31st is to agree to postpone the meeting for a few weeks.  Obama could then claim the nomination, Clinton could be pressured to concede, and then a rational agreement on seating FL and MI could take place.