The British Obama?

Fraser Nelson sees some very similar rhetoric in David Cameron's re-booted Tories:

Consider the Obama-esque language. Obama’s slogan is “bringing about real change in Washington”. Not just change the administration, but the system. In Wales yesterday, Cameron called for “change in Westminster” and, like Obama, detailed discontent with the whole system. His other phrases - “broken politics” and a pledge to move from the “old politics to new politics” – are also staples of Obama speeches. Unlike Brown, Cameron is not lifting chunks of American speeches. As I say in the News of the World today (not online), the words are the same because the ideas are the same. Both have recognised the feeling of disdain/contempt for the Westminster/Washington system. Americans have always understood the importance of political framing. The Tories, at long last , are beginning to do so too. Cameron want to frame the election as Obama has done: a contest between a New Broom and an Old Hand.