Smearing Obama

John Boehner's surrogate has still not retracted his bald-faced lie about Obama allegedly calling Israel a "sore." Now here's Mark Levin:

Obama made a point of not wearing the flag pin, knowing that a point would be made of it, just as he makes a point of not placing his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem.

Obama did not make a point of the flag pin. His opponents did. Obama simply did what millions of others did: express their patriotism more intensely after 9/11, and return to less demonstrative gestures thereafter. As for the National Anthem, here's The evidence is that Obama has placed his hand on his heart during the national anthem and not, depending on the occasion, as is the modern custom. He has never "made a point" about it.

These are lies, smears, untruths. Both Boehner and NRO need to issue corrections. And the Obama team needs to be more aggressive in countering these deliberate lies.