Six Or Half A Dozen

Poblano reviews the weird Michigan and Florida math on whether there will be half the number of delegates seated or whether each delegate will be counted as a half-delegate. Chuck Todd et al. elaborate here. No: I'm not making this up. The efforts to make the Clintons feel better about losing the nomination get abstruse after a while.

One small but obvious point: the Republicans have already penalized Michigan and Florida by halving their delegate count in St Paul. I don't see any Republicans whining that this means voters will feel terribly affronted in both states this November. And if there are no penalties for moving primaries up in time, won't there be mayhem in the 2012 cycle? I know the Clintons only care about their short-term interest, but one wonders if the Dems as a whole still want to be bossed around by the power-couple from hell.