Redlasso: YouTube For The Deaf?

A reader writes:

I'm deaf, and I'm so used to being cut out of the whole Youtube phenomenon.  For Obama speeches, I've got this whole thing down where I open two windows, one with the speech and one with the transcript, and go back and forth between them (I'm a good lipreader so it works pretty well).  Then I found out that Obama's campaign has a whole section of captioned videos on his website -- only candidate to do so!  (I was already a major fan but that helped.)

Still, it's a section rather than everything, and I'm used to just watching videos you post to get a flavor -- facial expressions, that sort of thing.

So I was thrilled when I noticed that the video you posted a bit ago, Ellen talking to McCain about gay marriage, had a "cc" symbol in the upper right corner.  I jumped through some hoops, downloaded some stuff, et voila -- captions!

I'll tell Redlasso directly about my happiness too but wanted to let you know, in case it's an element you hadn't thought of and you were weighing which of two versions of the same video to post.