Petite Vanilla Scones

Man, they're good. A reader writes:

I have to say, as an upper-middle class liberal who has been known to enjoy the occasional latte or, even worse, cafe au lait, I'm a little sick of the abuse.  No, I don't watch NASCAR.  No, I am not a soccer mom/dad.  I just like my damn coffee with milk in it.  Is that so wrong?  Yes, my morning is made a little brighter by having some nice barista at the local coffee shop make that coffee for me.  I'm sorry that this makes me hate America.  But if you think I'm out of touch now, just try me WITHOUT my coffee.


I don't know if it makes you an elite snooty pansy-ass un-American commie terrorist-lover, but three vanilla petite scones?  Totally gay.

Not that there's anything wrong that. And another:

I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of my family is blue collar, my dad was the president of his local union.

Every time I go to Starbucks, I've had my eye on those damn petite vanilla scones.  Please, how were they?  My elite snooty pansy-ass Obama-lovin' side of me wants to know.  The blue collar roots in me noticed there was a price break on three.

They're totally awesome: moist, sweet, crusty, the best pastry Starbucks has come up with. And I include the toffee almond bar.