Obama In Iowa

Frank Foer was impressed:

A couple of newat least to merhetorical moves. There were the plays for Hillary's voters: in addition to the obvious brown-nosing, he mentioned Seneca Falls in his climatic narration of social movements through history. He also began to turn towards November by invoking "sportsmen" and "churchgoers." These were done in passingand when he talked about churchgoers, he didn't muddy his play for Christians by mentioning shul and mosque-goers. It was the casual way that he dropped these references that is politically promising. I liked that he returned to his patriotism themes tonight in a more substantial way. The language of American Exceptionalism should coarse through his every speech, a wholesale theft of Reaganesque language, and he had lots of "last best hope" and "only in America" lines tonight.

I was more struck by some of the more hackneyed anti-Republican lines. It felt more stylistically partisan, and thereby less attractive to Obamacons like me.