Michael Gerson's Spiritual Leader

Perhaps he shouldn't be criticizing others for their choice of spiritual affiliation:

Contrast Wright’s words and actions with those of Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, the leader of Gerson’s church, and ask yourself who has been sleeping.

Gerson is a member of the Falls Church in Falls Church, Va. His congregation and the nearby Truro Church, played they key role in leading 11 Virginia parishes out of the Episcopal Church after the Church consecrated Gene Robinson, an openly gay man as bishop in 2003. Most of these parishes joined the Church of Nigeria, which Akinola leads.

Akinola, Gerson's spiritual leader, favors throwing gay people in jail if they come out, speak about their orientation or organize politically. It's all the more troubling when you realize that Wright has done little negative but vent, while Akinola has real political power in his own country, and has used it to demonize, imprison and disenfranchise gay people.