Is She Crazy? Ctd.

A reader writes:

I remember this joke that was going around when Bill was first elected President:

After the election and before the inauguration, Bill and Hillary were taking a ride through the Arkansas countryside. 

At one point, they drove by a gas station where the attendant was out pumping gas and Hillary remarked, "I dated that guy in high school." Bill chuckled and said, "If you'd have married that guy, you'd be the wife of a gas station attendant.  Instead, you married me and you're going to be First Lady."  But Hillary corrected him: "If I'd married that guy, then he'd be President."

Another writes:

“To have it all taken away from her at the last minute - by someone who hasn't made as many compromises - is therefore unimaginably cruel.”

And taken away by an ungrateful black man supported by ungrateful black Americans. She and her husband are unable to hide their contempt and scorn for the idea that a black man can handle the job. And furious that he is getting there without their help.