Hillary Clinton's Jeremiah Wright

Sally Quinn nails it in a brutally candid post that lays bare the true politics of association in an alleged feminist's career:

“You don’t choose your family but you choose what church you want to attend,” she said. But you do choose your husband.

She chose Bill Clinton. And she has not gotten up and moved.

Instead, she has enabled him over the last 32 years of their marriage, not only standing by him, denying what she knew about his womanizing and trying to delegitimize those who told the truth about it...

About one girlfriend, Connie Hamzy, she said,,”We have to destroy her story.”

About Gennifer Flowers she denied the story even after having a tape played on television about it. It was “attack the motives and the details,”said former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers to Sally Bedell Smith, author of “For Love of Politics” (ever wonder why so many former Clintonites are not supporting her or are actively supporting Obama? And what about Senate colleagues?). He was accused of sexually harassing Kathleen Willey. He was accused of rape by Juanita Broadrick, exposed himself to Paula Jones and finally had a sexual relationship with a 21 year old White House intern, a few years older than his own daughter...

Hillary did not get up and move.

Thanks, Sally.