Hewitt On California

Here he goes again:

The central question was whether the representative nature of the California state government, including its initiative provisions, would be upheld.

They were not. The California Supreme Court asserted its ultimate power today in a way that is shameful and deeply destructive of the ability of a free people to govern themselves. 

Does Hewitt know that the California state legislature, presumably part of California's representative democracy, has already voted twice to grant marriage rights? Does he know that the governor of California is backing the court? Or does he not care? How is it a "puscht" [sic] when the court actually upholds the legislature's decision? He's not the only one uninformed:

Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues at Concerned Women  for America, accused the court of usurping the role of the legislature.

Don Surber serves up the same talking point:

No will of the people.
None of that democracy stuff.
Just the whim of the lawyers in black on the judicial bench.

Er: a legislature's decision, passed twice? Not democracy? At least Tom Maguire knows what he's talking about.